AI demand forecast needs human to learn

In front of a sophisticated technology, we can respond in two different ways. The first one is to directly dismiss the product, stating, “How can a machine do better than me”, without even testing it. The second one is to blindly use it without any critical thinking, accepting all recommendations by default, even important ones….

Time has come to change the Yield management approach for car rental

Car rental rebirth will be stronger than expected: after months of lockdowns and curfews, 2021 and the upcoming years will see a wave of “revenge traveling”.
My job as a car rental yield management expert makes me talk to hundreds of car rental operators around the world. And it is amazing to hear how addicted they are to brokers.
Car rental operators, now it is time to react! This is the right moment to set your direct strategy for Summer.

Challenges of rateshopping

In this article, WeYield summaries the challenges of collecting competitive pricing data and the factors you should consider when reviewing data suppliers. Key topics Why automated rate scraping is an important part of the pricing decision process In order to determine the best price for your product given your current sales performance, it is important…