AI demand forecast needs human to learn

In front of a sophisticated technology, we can respond in two different ways. The first one is to directly dismiss the product, stating, “How can a machine do better than me”, without even testing it. The second one is to blindly use it without any critical thinking, accepting all recommendations by default, even important ones….

Sixt Iceland, 7th franchisee to subscribe to WeYield’s apps

Following WeYield forum of last September, we are proud to serve our first client in Iceland, Sixt franchisee of the famous orange network. Iceland is a big island, located north-west of Ireland, on the way to Greenland, with an incredible variety of landscape. Tourism activities are booming (+100% since 2012) representing 40% of total country…

WeYield apps, levier du Yield d’Avis Corse

Le groupe Ollandini, le plus ancien opérateur de location de voitures en Corse, a choisi d’utiliser le levier des solutions d’optimisation de WeYield pour sa franchise Avis Corse. (…)