WeYield to provide yield management software to National Thailand

DrivingThailandWeYield revenue piloting web apps dedicated to car rental is now helping National Thailand’s yield management team by providing demand and fleet optimization as well as market shop software to boost utilization and profitability. National Thailand is the first car rental in south-east Asia to get WeYield state-of-the-art market shop analyzer and revenue management software.


Simultaneously, National Thailand can get on a platform all internal key performance indicators and competitor retail prices enabling to get an impact on any optimization action such as inventory control, fleet movements or demand reaction after a pricing update. WeYield rate shop analyzer also allows pricing team to control National Thailand rate parity throughout the distribution channels from different sources and to make sure that best rate is always available on its direct website.

WeYield team is excited to assist National Thailand in the deployment of its yield management tactics and deliver more profitability via the utilization of our web apps developed by our team of car rental experts and software edition developers,” said WeYield CEO and Founder Emmanuel Scuto.

Including in the second module of optimization, National Thailand has the full control of the reporting for each location identified in CarPro operating system via an automatic flow of data transfer. At a glance, yield managers to anticipate future logistic needs to match estimated demand.

After the implementation of our excellent CarPro rental operation software, I figured out that one brick one was missing to optimize the revenue of my company in full,” said Thanawat Tiyaphorn, General Manager of National Thailand. “WeYield platform gives us the capacity to monitor market prices and keep our eyes focus on future demand, giving us sufficient time to take our yield decisions and maximize our car rental utilization and pricing performance. We are very excited to deliver more a better qualitative revenue result.”

About WeYield

WeYield, a French-based software editor, aims to bring yield management automation for the car rental industry to get more free time for the rental team optimizing sales and operations. For more than 12 years, WeYield is serving only car rental independent and franchisee car rental operators from all over the world with intuitive and state-of-the-art revenue management technology interfaced with many operating systems.

About National Thailand
With more than 800 car fleet spread around the Kingdom of Thailand, National Thailand is offering a second-to-known service



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