5 good reasons to visit ITB Berlin for car rental operators


Be aware of innovation

With more than 10 000 exhibitors, ITB Berlin is a don’t miss event for touristic and mobility industries. Do visit HALLS 6.1 and 7.1C and attend the etravel startup day on March 9th.
In a world of constant change, you have to be aware of the internet latest innovations to adapt the way you manage your business.

Get inspiration

Browsing innovation is a very good way to be more creative in your revenue management practice and marketing approach, especially on the internet. As customers satisfaction are now fully visible online, the more you will understand their needs, the better you will take advantage of your competitors.

Enhance existing business relations

Live communication is the best way to boost your business partnerships. ITB Berlin is a good opportunity to shake hands and share a beer! Having a little step back and brainstorming with your partners is the best way to be creative and come along with new businesses.

Keep growing with new partnerships

Meet new talented people! Discover new tools and technologies to help you in your everyday work, new services to sell. Add value to your offers or find tools to work smarter.

And do not forget to attend WeYield forum

Come and get prospective vision on car rental business. Take a look at what is at stake in our industry. Meet your peers and learn from sharing successful experiences.  on Thursday 8 from 4 to 9 pm at Mindspace, downtown Berlin.


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