Sixt Iceland, 7th franchisee to subscribe to WeYield’s apps

Following WeYield forum of last September, we are proud to serve our first client in Iceland, Sixt franchisee of the famous orange network. Iceland is a big island, located north-west of Ireland, on the way to Greenland, with an incredible variety of landscape. Tourism activities are booming (+100% since 2012) representing 40% of total country income in 2016.

Therefore, dynamic pricing and electronic distribution weight generated more and more pressure on market price tracking.

As soon as the business grows, manual process coming from the past is heavier everyday. So, our intention was to implement a rate shop automation. Not only to canvas prices on different websites including brokers but to get an application being able to display the data in a smart and easy to understand.  said Vilborg Anna Garðarsdóttir, Director of Finance, Sixt Iceland.

Rate shop analyzer module of WeYield has been designed by yield management experts for revenue managers. With specific constraints, the car rental industry requires tailor-made solutions to pilot and maximize its revenue the most efficient way possible.

Emmanuel Scuto’s CEO and founder commented:

We are pleased to provide our automatic rate shop analyzer to Sixt Iceland to assist them in automizing their day-to-day yield management. The mission of WeYield is to bring more automation to car rental operators and mobility experts, either franchisees of international brands or independant operator. With Sixt Iceland, we are proud to serve the 7th franchisee within Sixt network around the world.

WeYield is a software editor company created in 2012 by Emmanuel Scuto. The company is located in France and is a member of The French Tech.


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