Rateshaker continues its expansion in Scandinavia

After Europcar Denmark, WeYield consulting is proud to support more Scandinavian countries. We are now supplying Rateshaker, WeYield’s rateshop analyzer, to Europcar Norway and Europcar Finland. With the company merge happening during 2015, the management was overwhelmed with  operational, financial and organizational issues leading market watch to second priorities.

We have been using automatic rate shop for the past couple of years. But computing and digesting the data, espcially the car mapping, were too time consuming for our ressources. With Rateshaker, we connect and get our price positionning instantly. The last released feature “Rate Parity” is a great tool to control our price throughout the various channels distributing our brand

The collaboration with Rateshaker has been good for Europcar in Norway. Just with a few clicks you can easily see were you are positioned in the market both via own internet pages and through the broker channels. We also have historic data implemented so we can also see where we were positioned in the marked the previous year.
With Rateshaker you have the possibility to monitor the prices for different periods. This means that you in high season have the possibility to see how your competitors are thinking and pricing their different car groups. ” said Tonje Engebretse, Business Manager, Europcar Norway.

Integrating Rateshaker within Sales and Marketing weekly tasks improves analysis and pricing action with a clearer approach to setting prices. The aim of WeYield is to deliver sophisticated web applications to assist teams in their day-to-day management. Dealing with hundred tasks, their market watch has be reliable, dedicating the limited amount of time per week.

Europcar Norway merged recently with Europcar Finland. Thus, sharing best practices is crucial to integrate new processes. And Rateshaker has been fantastic to save time, moving from excel data crunching to get right to the analytics.” said Jussi Holopainen, Managing Director, Europcar Finland.

Emmanuel Scuto, Founder and CEO of WeYield, commented:

WeYield’s web apps offers state-of-the-art in analytical rate shop supplied every week or even every day. Our team of  Yield Management experts emphasize what matters in monitoring the market prices: a clear operating model to ensure that the organization can effectively execute price-setting decisions. . Everything Yield Business Analyst expects from a rate shop analyzer is in Rateshaker.