New partnership with a car rental operating system, Wheels from Invensys

WeYield, the leading company of revenue management web application for car rental industry, has the pleasure to announce a new partnership with the operating system software editor, Invensys.

The data integration from Wheel System into Cocktail RM has been realized to serve their common client: Europcar Cyprus ASG. With this announcement, Cocktail revenue management web application is not employed by Europcar Cyprus to pilot their demand and capacity in the most advanced way.

Vassilis Devletoglou’s team of developers was extremely reactive to agregate the demand data as well as the various fleet information (fleet plan and fleet situation) required to feed Cocktail RM. Our pilots, in charge of the configuration, were impressive the quality and flexibility of the extraction that were available” said Emmanuel Scuto, CEO of WeYield, France.

WeYield is embracing Wheel System features among its other operating system partnerships. For the team of revenue managers in charge of the yield optimization, it is important during the configuration phase to be able to audit the current processes in place and identify the best way possible to adapt them to fit into the yield management constraints. This set-up requires a lot of ressources to understand the way the operating system has been configured originally, from the client portfolio creation to the rate coding, from the fleet management to the rental agreement flow. Wheel System provides a very easy and quick access to all data enabling the business analysts to understand the client’s processes, fine tune the specifications until a draft model is ready.

Our feeling is that for the first time a company has created a universally acceptable system or reports and dashboards mandatory for any car rental manager. The fact that these reports are fully integrated with Wheel System in terms of data means that the same information displayed in Wheel System as an Operation stand point can now be further analyzed with detailed reports, charts and alerts from a Yield Management stand point. This combination of two expertise gives a state-of-the-art suite of professional applications for the car rental industry” said Vassilis Devletoglou, Managing Director of Invensys

About Invensys

Invensys has been in operation since 2003 with the aim of developing IT solutions and supporting the car rental industry and the travel industry. The company’s flagship product, Wheel Car Rental is currently installed in more than 460 businesses worldwide from regional car rental companies to premium international brands. In 2011, Invensys established its branch office in Cyprus with the intent of providing local support and services. Today, Invensys has estimated a total population of 2000 end users in 18 countries, and a strong, global network of channel partnerships.