Europcar Denmark has integrated rateshaker rateshop analyser


The Sales and Marketing manager of Europcar Denmark subscribed to Rateshaker rateshop analyzer. Rateshaker has been developed by WeYield consulting in France and will be implemented for the first time in Scandinavia.

“We have been using automatic rate shopping provider since years. But our analytical process was not strong enough to face the huge increase of data especially without the arrival of so many third party sites like the brokers.” declared Mikkel Bloch, Reservations, Pricing Manager & International Leisure Sales Manager, Europcar Denmark


Emmanuel Scuto, Founder and General Manager of WeYield, commented:

Supporting Europcar Denmark in its revenue management tool implementation, WeYield consulting and its saas web application technology divide by more than 1000 times the manual tasks to digest weekly rate surveys. eing able to assist Europcar Denmark.