Rateshaker to launch at Europcar Austria

WeYield, Revenue Management Services for Car Rental industry is the new technology provider of Europcar Austria, owned by Arac Gmbh, part of the Porsche Holding. With our partner QL2, WeYield and Europcar Austria Revenue Management team configured the new rate shopping to track public pricing.

“Coming from the Hotel industry, I used to work with various rate shopping applications. The two main suppliers provide row data that need to be treated. With Rateshaker, the weekly rate shops are automatically integrated and we simply connect to the web application to do our analysis in an easy-to-read graphical environment said Steven Sabetghadam, Revenue & Capacity Manager, Europcar Austria, Europcar Austria Arac Gmbh.

Emmanuel Scuto, Founder and CEO of WeYield, commented:

Working with Europcar Austria will enlarge our client focusing on both leisure and business rentals. Rateshaker is a tool that helps our clients to reduce uncertainty among demand optimization by getting a better market knowledge. The tools that we supply our customers are the same one we used to pilot the activity of the clients who outsourced their optimization to us.