Rateshaker rate shopping analyzer supplied to NZ Leisure

Rateshaker is a rate shopping analyzer provided by WeYield, Revenue Management Services for Car Rental industry is the new yield management technology supplier of NZ Leisure, that runs two local brand in New Zealand : A2B Car Rental and EZI car hire. With our partner QL2, WeYield and NZ Leisure has set the rate shopper on local car rental operators and international brokers located in Europe and in Asia-Pacific zone.

“Running the number one local car rental operator with 1700 short term fleet, I decided to use WeYield optimization solutions in regards of their long expertise in the car rental industry. From a yield management perspective, Rateshaker aggregates public rates from international or local sources to assist us in saving time on analysis and be more efficient in the pricing decision. said Kate Archibald, General Manager, NZ Leisure.

Emmanuel Scuto, Founder and CEO of WeYield, commented:

NZ Leisure is our first client located in the Pacific region and we are very happy of this new partnership. With easy-to-use web technology, WeYield is enabling NZ Leisure to structure its market watch in a more dynamic saving significant time to its business analysts. NZ Leisure can increase anticipate market changes in a quicker way to adjust rate grids and fleet capactiy on the most profitable rental stations.