Car rental marketing story #2: Post-book strategies

Creating a link with the driver is key priority to stop brokers

Following the previous story #1 about the markerting best practice action that is taken by one of our car rental client, I would like to emphasize on how important it is to keep a contact with the client who has been driving one of your car. Here are some good examples of marketing actions to create a link with an existing client, stimulating empathy towards the brands and generating potential new leads.

Europcar South Africa used Roadtrippers. At time of rental, the client can create his profile using his Facebook account. During his/her trip throughout the great country of South Africa, the client generally takes some pictures. He can also record a video or write a blog. But how to share point of interest, journey tips, restaurant to try with other drivers ?

The Roadtrip planner suggests the driver to load and broadcast the pictures as well as a to post a comment to the attention to the other drivers on how reaching this breathtaking sightseeing view. Subscribing freely to the Facebook page enables the traveler to get access to a list of itineraries posted by previous fellows. He/she can pick the travel notes and have access to some uniques sites. For a brand like Europcar and specifically for its South African licensee, the application creates some positive brand recognition and empathy.

The platform Wipolo is also a great tool to share with your customer. He/she can firstly manage all the various confirmation of the trip (air, hotel, car rental, parking, etc) by simply send the mail sent by the supplier to a generic email address Reading its contents, the system automatically generates the itinerary. The user does not struggle with all the confirmation papers anymore. Then, using the “comment” section, the user can post comments and pictures and shared them with his/her friends like a blog or via Facebook. This a good alternative to Roadtrip as it offers a added-value for the user to manage the

Stop talking about cars and talk to the drivers, about their journey or how your car rental operation is a facilitator to reach his/her goal of the day.itinerary.

In April 2015, Avis launched WhatDrivesYou. They broadcasted some videos not focusing on the car or the location but only on the drivers and their business. The major has filmed various entrepreneurs who are describing their business while driving. The audience follows the narrator and realizes how important the travel organization is for the speaker. As a conclusion, the entrepreneur thanks Avis for having been able to reach his goal of the day.

Renting a car has become more than ever a commodity as a car is never (or rarely) the goal of the journey. With the development of the booking intermediaries (online travel agency or broker), the supplier brands have been reduced to a car type, a price and an availability. For the brand, it is key to exist by itself and create a direct link different than a key holder at the counter.