Two new French Europcar franchisees using Rateshaker

WeYield, Revenue Management Services for Car Rental industry has signed two new Europcar franchisees in France with Europcar Bretagne Locatours and Europcar Est Europe Hall. They have together implemented RateSharker, rate shop analyzer web application in addition to previous Europcar Atlantique and Europcar Biarritz.


Originally, I was doing my competitive rate shop manually. Later, we developped internally a small but efficient web scrapper. Unfortunately, the configuration was long and heavy” said David Le Page, Director of Sales, Europcar Bretagne Locatours.

Our operations are located in a very competitive regions in the centre of France. Even though, most of our activity is contractual business, the proportion of public direct business is getting larger over years. To be able to adapt our organization in a more dynamic pricing approach, we have been subscribing to RateShaker. The results are web-based and therefore can be access from anywhere and shared with my colleagues.” said Stéphane Jeannin, Director of Sales, Europcar Est Europe Hall.


Emmanuel Scuto, Founder and CEO of WeYield, commented:

for our two new French franchisees, tracking market prices is not only a way to keep an eye on competitor’s activity but also to control the way our own prices are positioned through the different distribution channel. Rate parity is a key element of the pricing strategy and using a rate shop analyzer like RateShaker, it is simple, cheap and reliable way to do it.